Deep-Sea Mural by Karen Carr

Shown: Bristlemouth, Dinner plate jelly, Erenna jellyfish, Giant siphonophore, Hula skirt siphonophore, Midwater jelly, Red sea fan, Deep sea corals, Sea whip, Bloodybelly comb jelly, Sea gooseberry, Deep sea anglerfish, Elephant seal, Fangtooth, Giant ostracod, Giant red mysid, Gulper eel, Hatchetfish, Longspine thornyhead, Midwater eelpout, Northern lampfish, Oarfish, Pacific blackdragon, Pacific hagfish, Pacific viperfish, Canary rockfish, Cowcod rockfish, Starry rockfish, Vermillion rockfish, Filetail catshark, Sleeper shark, Slender snipe eel, Goblet sponge, Spot prawn, Spotted ratfish, Squat lobster, Humbolt squid, Basket Star, Deep sea brittle star, Stoplight loosejaw, Tadpole snailfish, Deepwater salps, Predatory tunicate, Pyrosoma atlanticum, Salpa fusiformis, Fragile pink sea urchin
Geologic period: Modern


Deep-Sea Mural

Deep-sea canyon environment off the Channel Islands. Water in this area exceeds 12,000 feet in depth.

Other samples of work for Channel Islands National Park:

Client information:

Channel Islands National Park
1901 Spinnaker Drive
Ventura, CA 93001

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In addition to the time she spends painting, Karen finds time now and again to serve as a guest speaker, lecturer and instructor to museum groups, professional organizations, schools and universities. She has also presented master classes in art and digital painting at universities in the U.S.

Karen has delivered recent presentations for these institutions and groups:

  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Guild of Natural Science Illustrators at the College of William & Mary and at Montana State University
  • New Mexico Highlands University
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • University of North Texas
  • Dallas Paleontological Society


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Originally trained in the classical techniques of illustration and painting, Karen frequently speaks on the transition to a digital world, and on the challenges and benefits this transition poses for artists, clients and viewers. She conducts professional seminars on painting, illustration and digital image creation, and also offers specific programs tailored to the needs of professional groups or classroom instructors.

To contact Karen about a speaking engagement, just drop her a note or call her studio.

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